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Do I need to have any previous experience?

You don’t need any previous experience or knowledge in the area of cosmetics and cosmetic treatments for the Microneedling Course. Each student has to start at the basic level, regardless of whether he/she is a doctor, lawyer, graphics designer, aesthetician or someone who has no work experience. With the PhiBright Microneedling Course, you will also receive the Skin Expert Course, free of charge.

The Skin Expert Course is necessary for all beginners as it provides all the important information about the skin that anyone working in the beauty industry must know. In addition to the Skin Expert Course, you will also receive First Class Service, a hygiene course, also free of charge. With Premium Microneedling you will also receive the GMC as a bonus, a program that allows you to find new clients effortlessly and quickly.

What is the cost of materials needed to perform one treatment?
How much should I charge for per treatment?

On average, Technicians charge EUR 150-200 per treatment, while Senior Technicians may charge EUR 250+ per treatment.

How can I find firs clients?

PhiAcademy has developed the GMC (Get More Clients) Program intended for PhiBrows Technicians and aims to develop word-of-mouth marketing and a means of building your list of clientele quickly. This Program contains detailed steps, full of various tips and tricks that will allow you to dominate the market. This Program is available with the PhiBright Premium Course. If you have chosen a course that does not include the GMC Program, you can always purchase access later.

How long will it take me to return my investment (ROI)?
Do I need to own my own salon?

Even though it may seem like opening your own salon is the first logical step in starting a business in the cosmetics industry, know that this is not the case. Opening a salon is not the first step, but rather the crowning achievement in terms of this type of work. Offer your services to salons in your area and agree to allow a percentage of the profits gained through cosmetics services to go to the owner of the salon. If microblading is something you wish to do to earn a supplementary income, the clients that you already have in your current surroundings will be your first microblading clients. The following steps will allow you to see how most beauty Technician develop successful careers:

Step 1: Offer your services to salons in your area and agree to allow a percentage of the profits gained through cosmetics services to go to the owner of the salon. This will allow you to earn an income at the mutual satisfaction of both yourself and the salon owner.

Step 2: Register a salon at your residence, where you have adapted a special space in which to perform cosmetics treatments. This type of service is exceptionally popular with clients as it provides for comfortable and informal relations with the Technician. Having a space adapted for microblading treatments is convenient for beginners for the following reasons: no employee-related costs, which gives the Technician the freedom to continue to provide his/her services to other salons.

Step 3: Opening a salon. Bear in mind that salon location is not an important aspect of these types of treatments, i.e. the salon (in residence) doesn’t have to be located in a busy area. This is how you will provide for the advantages mentioned in the previous step. We would like to highlight here that each country has its own legal regulations and legislation regarding the opening of a salon and it is necessary for you to be informed of this matter.

The PhiBrows Technician timeline envisages opening a salon in your third year of working in this industry.

How much can I earn fromMicroneedling?

Average time for performing a treatmen is one hour. Neto income per hour is 50 €.

When will I be able to start working?

The microneedling technique is not very demanding and does not require a great deal of time to learn. You will be ready to work once you have practiced on only a few models. Upon reviewing your work on the models, a Master will present you with your Certificate. On average, our Students obtain certificates and start working within a month after they have completed their training.

How can I improve
How fast I can return my investment?


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